Take To The Floor

By Haste To The Wedding

  1. The Dashing White Sergeant
    My Love She’s But A Lassie Yet
    The Rose Tree
  2. Turkey In The Straw
    Waiting For The Federals
    Over The Waterfall
    Boil Your Cabbage Down
  3. Steal Away
  4. Scotland The Brave
    Dancing Like A Turnip
    The Barren Rocks Of Aden
    Scotland The Brave
  5. The Jig Of Slurs
  6. Kate Martin’s
  7. The Butterfly
    The Fairy
    The Humours Of Tulla
    The Musical Priest
    The Sally Gardens
  8. Marie’s Wedding
    The Atholl Highlanders
  9. Strip The Willow
    The Blackthorn Stick
    Haste To The Wedding
  10. Money In Every Pocket
  11. I Will Love You
  12. The Mason’s Apron

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Haste To The Wedding

Ceili band from North Antrim, playing the mix of Irish and Scottish tunes that hallmarks their neck of the woods. They are - or were at the time this CD was recorded - Pete Bouma (guitar/banjo/fiddle), Ian Dinsmore (piano accordion), Gerry Rees (banjo/mandolin), Jim McAuley (fiddle) and Timmy Davis (snare drum/bodhran/vocals). Contactable via http://www.hastetothewedding.com