Dancing Fingers

By Jennifer And Hazel Wrigley

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  1. Batchelder’s
    The Shelburne
  2. Jenny Dang The Weaver
    The Glass Of Beer
    Mick’s Knitted Triplets
  3. The Fly To Rousay
    The Trip To Rousay
  4. Star Of The County Down
  5. Listen To The Mockingbird
  6. The Hinderayre
    Speaking Fingers
  7. Grey Eagle
  8. Martin Wynne’s No 2
    La Cosa Mulligan
  9. Ale Is Dear
    Sleepy Maggie
    All The Ships Are Sailing
  10. Sooth Nevi
  11. Clarke’s Favorite
  12. Cincinnati Rag
  13. The Chappet Nail
    Burning Strings
  14. Tide At The Taing
    The Strawzelnut

Two comments

Dancing Fingers by Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley

What a recording! This is the very first album of Wrigley Sisters from Orkney. In a gig around a couple of years ago they told it had been out of stock, but I accidentally found it while travelling in Scotland.

They were just 16 when they recorded this album, but their playing on it is as mature as that on the latest one “Skyran.” The arrangements are really simple, so you will hear the very bare sound of Jennifer’s amazing fiddle playing. I especially love Jenny Dang the Weaver set and Ale is Dear set. There are a couple of excellent Bluegrass tracks, which are also fun to listen to.

As brilliant a fiddler as Jennifer Wrigley is, don’t overlook Hazel’s genius on guitar and piano! I’ll have to revisit this album to see if it’s in evidence yet, but nowadays I’d put Hazel’s accompaniment skills alongside (if not above) those of John Doyle, Denis Cahill, and Ian Carr.