Gusty’s Frolicks

By Sean Keane

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"A classic recording, originally released in 1975, by this well known fiddle player and member of the Chieftains. Keane’s masterfully intricate style, influenced in part by piping technique, is in full display on this album of unaccompanied playing."


I’ve alway liked this album, but for some reason a lot of players don’t seem to care much for Sean Keane’ style.
Celtic 1234 - a lot of these tunes are in the database, but they’re not showing up as listed because you’ve put either "jigs" or "reels" in the titles. Could you edit the titles by removing these words, and people will then be able to go directly to the tune by "clicking" on it.[ if indeed it connects to the right tune , which doesn’t alaways happen]. Jut a suggestion.Thank you.

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done already,

I had this recording in my archives (from my father) and never listened to it before now…wow! Along with Paddy Glackin, and Frankie Gavin, Sean Keane is probably the missing tiumphant in piecing together WTF Tommy Potts was doing.
REALLY loving this ๐Ÿ™‚

The second tune on TRACK FIFTEEN is actually called "Green Fields of Glentown" written by Tomm Peoples. It is NOT called "Tommy Peoples"!

Here it is:

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