The Beauty Of The North

By Chris Norman

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  1. North Highland Country Dances
    The Parry Sound
    Nova Scotia
  2. La Have River
    Quand Je Suis Pres De Toi
  3. Reel Montreal
    Reel Amos
    Reel Rimouski
    Reel St. Simeon
  4. Valse Frontenac
  5. Beauty Of The North
    Rocky Brook
    Castle Bay
    Cape Wrath
    Banks Of Newfoundland
    Scotch Cove
    Gigue De Joliette
  6. Valse Parisienne
  7. Reel De Chicoutimi
    Reel St. Jean
    Reel Eboulement
  8. Dirge Of Mull
    Mull Rant
    The Way To Mull River
    Sound Of Mull
    Mull River

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The Beauty of the North

American flutist Chris Norman along with Alasdair Fraser(Fiddle), Billy McComisky(Accordian), Robin Bullock(Guitar), and Paul Wheaton(Bass). It is definitely *not* ITM, but a great recording nontheless of Cape Breton, Quebecois, and Scottish music. I heard Reel de Chicoutimi/Reel St. Jean/Reel Eboulement on NPR’s Thistle and Shamrock program and wanted to get the CD-it was worth it.

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I’ve had this CD for years, long before I got into ITM, and even now as my tastes become more and more traditional (Irish), I still go back to "Beauty of the North". Little bias I guess, being a former student of Chris’s, but regardless, good stuff. If I have my way when I get older and get married (presumably at some point), Valse Frontenac has gotta be the tune for the first dance 🙂 It’s really that lovely. Anywho, that’s my take on the CD.

Re: The Beauty Of The North

Just a small correction, Chris is not American - in the sense of being from USA - but from Nova Scotia, Canada.

Re: The Beauty Of The North

Does anyone out there have the dots for " Quand Je Suis Pres de Toi" on the CD by Chris Norman "Beaauty of the North"?

Re: The Beauty Of The North

I’ve been checking it out on YouTube and listening to some of the tunes, and they’re great. But on the electronic version, each tune is a separate track. It’s interesting that the original cd had many of the tunes paired together.