Far Green Country

By John Sherman

  1. The Gooseberry Bunch
    The Rascally Rabbit
    The Blackbird
  2. Elvis Presley’s
    The Bank Of Turf
  3. I Am Asleep (And Do Not Waken Me)
  4. Waltz Of The Little Girls
    The 9 Pint Coggie
    The Moher
  5. Sidewalks Of New York
    The Band Played On
    When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
  6. The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood
  7. The Japanese
    The Chinese
  8. Captain O’Kane
  9. The Shetland Fiddler
    The Moving Cloud
    Brumley Brae
    Fr. Francis Cameron
  10. Caracena
  11. Eamonn An Chnoic
  12. Men Of Argyll
    The Cowal Gathering
  13. (Almost) Murphy’s Delight
    My Darling Asleep
    The Handsome Young Maiden
  14. John Michael’s Two Step

One comment

Celtic Guitar

John Sherman plays Celtic fingerstyle guitar like it’s no work at all! He’s just awesome. Right now he teaches at the Riley School of Irish Music. He also plays with the band Silver Arm. He’s got a pretty good mix of traditional and not so traditional tunes, both Scottish and Irish (and a Galician one borrowed from Bill Whelan, and not to mention the Japanese and Chinese hornpipes!)

What I think is cool (besides his playing ;) is how he got the name for his album- On the case notes he tells how ‘Far Green Country’ is one of the names Tolkien uses for Valinor in the Silmarillion and Lord of the Rings! Mr. Sherman seems to tend to be a bit of a Tolkien fan… I just wish they would have gotten some of his playing for the movie soundtracks!

(I PROMISE… that was not the reason I bought the cd! ;)