The Journey Home

By Banish Misfortune

  1. Peg Ryan
    Ger The Rigger
  2. Welcome Paddy Home
  3. Casey’s
  4. Canyon Moonrise
    Bus Stop
  5. Mush Mush
  6. Sally Garden
    The High Road To Linton
  7. Sheebeg Sheemore
    Calliope House
  8. Tell Me Ma
    Riding On A Load Of Hay
  9. The Kilfenora
  10. Bogesy’s Bonny Belle
  11. Tom Morrison’s
    The Ships Are Sailing
  12. Margaret’s
    The Lady Of The Lake
  13. Eileen Og
    The Pride Of Pegravora
  14. Chinkapin Hunting
    John Stinson’s
  15. Buy A Broom
  16. Marlin O’ Conner
    Clinch Mountain Backstep

One comment

The Journey home, Banish Misfotune

These guys are out of Oklahoma City and have a great sound. This CD has a great selection of tunes.