Jackie Daly And Seamus Creagh

By Jackie Daly And Seamus Creagh

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Fine listening. The box and fiddle styles are wonderfully matched. The tunes are nicely separated by airs, and Sweet Biddy of Baile Mhuirne is a real beauty. There is a sean-nos song called Baile Mhuirne that is a version of this air.

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A Few Extra Tune References

For those interested in learning off of this album, track one consists of three tunes. The first two bear a common handle, “Jim Keeffe’s”: the first can be found here:

The second can be found here:

The Newmarket in qustion can be found here:

“Jim Keefe’s Polka” ~ the first linke to in woodenflute above, here also:

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Sweet Biddy Of Baile Mhuirne is a reel not an air (also known as Ceol Na gCeártan) and is followed by another tune not mentioned on the listing, “Quinn’s”


I like The Tailor ban ,song it reminds me of The Sally Gardens or Rambling Boys of Pleasure

Connie O’Connell’s Jig - Track 5

The link here is incorrect, as it takes you to THE TORN JACKET Reel. In fact, the jig that Seamus and Jackie played, was another (sweet) version of “The Two And Six Penny Girl”.