Croch Suas É (Up and Away)

By Frankie Gavin

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Up And Away

I don’t think Frankie gets as much credit as a flute player as he does as a fiddler. The flute playing on this recording is as good as I’ve heard anywhere.
Some comments on the tune titles:

Track 1 - Frankie titles this whole set of 3 reels as “Eddie Moloney’s” Set - the 1st is “Devanny’s Goat”, the 2nd is “Humours Of Westport” and I don’t know the 3rd, so it’s got Eddie’s name to it unless I hear otherwise.

Track 4 - Classic flute tunes, commonly referred to as “McKenna’s Reels”.

Track 5 - “Up Leitrim” - 3 jigs, I’ve heard them but have no names for them. I’m sure some of them would be in the database.

Track 6 - is listed as “Early Breakfast” and “Scotch Mary”. The first is a variant of the reel I know as “Up Against The Buchalawns”, and the second is better known as “I Wish I Never Saw You” or “My Love And I In The Garden”.

Track 7 - is a version of the “Bucks Of Oranmore” from Leitrim. It appeared in an edition of “Treoir” magazine as “Peadar Fitzpatrick’s”. The Galway band “Shaskeen” recorded it as “The Leitrim Bucks”.

Track 8 - This polka is often called “My Love She’s But A Lassie Yet”, but it’s not. It is a polka version of Neil Gow’s "Farewell To
Whisky“. The second tune also has it’s origins in Scotland, and is sometimes known in Ireland as ”The Lakes Of Sligo".

Track 10 - “McLaughlin’s Flings”. - Second tune is “Staten Island”.

Track 12 - The 3rd tune is titled “The Leitrim Thrush” but I’ve always known it as is “Farewell To Erin”, [ from “Na Fili” ] and in fact Frankie recorded it under that name on “De Danann’s ” 1st LP.

It’s a very nice album to listen. Though he does play at lightening fast speed. I really like Charlie Lennon’s piano accompaniment.

Harry Bradley - and titles

Croch Suas E is one of Harry Bradley’s picks for the top three or four best flute albums. Frankie’s playing is full of power and grace, which is not easy to do.
It’s a shame that the titles on the the track list on don’t match up with the titles on the liner notes on the tape or CD. Changing the titles because you know a different title than Frankie does Frankie an injustice. Titles from the album should have been listed on as they appeared on the tape or CD, with explanatory notes to follow, rather than the other way round.

This is an amazing album, his flute style is supreme.

Wrong tune, dodgy title.

The title of the 3rd tune in the Devaney’s Goat set is known as “Eddie Moloney’s #1,” or by its alternate title, “The Birmingham.” It can be found here: . There is an interesting version on Chulrua’s “The Singing kettle,” and on Mary Bergin’s “Feadóga Stáin 2.” And here as well:

Calling a tune “Eddie Moloney’s” is a lot like calling a tune “Paddy Fahey’s.” It’s hard to know just which tune the title refers to.


I’ve changed the title of “Eddie Moloney’s No.3” to “The Birmingham” , so the link goes to the correct tune.
The “Farewell To Erin” link is wrong - it goes to the 4-part “Farewell To Ireland”.
{ See you next week, David }

No, Kenny. The Birmingham Reel is actually the middle tune in the set.


Thanks, “slainte”. I should have checked.

Re: Up and Away

This is one of the best CD’s in my library. Frankie was even kind enough to sign it for me a couple of years ago, at a house concert in Santa Barbara. When I presented it to him, he exclaimed, “My god … Where did you find THAT old thing???”