Celtic Roots (Spirit Of Dance)

By John Whelan

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Accordion greatness

This is a wunnerful CD. It will be in my rotation of learning disc for a long time. A real toe tapper ;0) Makes me want to go squeeze one out…tune that is.


Just thought I’d mention that you may wanna fix the spelling of some of the tune names. I don’t have my liner notes for this CD sitting right in front of me, but a few of the tunes on this CD that I suspect should be linked to the tune database are not. I just know it makes it easier when finding tunes on certain albums, and vice versa.

Revise on Liner Notes

I edited the tune listings back to the way the liner notes are printed. There are many tunes that are not linking up mostly because of the word “THE” in front of the title. This is my 1st CD that I tried to summit. I am open for suggestions to fix this problem and will update if nessasary. Thanx Ray

Why the bass?

I agree that for the most part this is a “wunnerful” CD - with the exception of the bass. I hate to be negative, but for some reason it just seems out of place. I know John Whelan likes to diversify and experiment, usually to a good effect, - but I get the feeling adding the bass may have been the decsion of some producer. (My shoot from the hip, but humble opinion)

The same Bass player plays on Celtic Fire. It is a great album anyway.

Bass, etc.

If you’re trying to arrange an accompaniment for a set, the bass is helpful as a starting point to pin your ear on, to give you an idea of which chords to use. If you have this record lying around and you’re putting any of its tunes into the set then it might save you a few headaches, or make for a more interesting arrangement than what you’d otherwise do.

Track 2 is listed here (as it is on the CD):

2. Dr. O’Neal/Killavel,

and is the music is played the other way around. I’ve owned the disc since it came out, it’s always nagged me. Did I miss something? Great tunes, great album. Well, if the bass doesn’t hang you up, that is.

Hallmark cards

A friend of mine just showed me a new favorite album of his: this one. Except that it was called Celtic Faire and was published/distributed by Hallmark Cards, had the little crown logo on it and everything, and it had no information inside about band members or anything else, but the set list is the exact same. Weird, wild stuff. Anyone know anything about hallmark cards putting out a john whelan album?

Re: Celtic Roots (Spirit Of Dance)

Track 9 first tune is “Maid I never forgot” indeed, but there are two different tunes in thesession. I changed the numer to 269. That’s the right one.

Track 6 - New York Jig (The Road To Skye)

The first tune of Track 6, the New York Jig - more commonly The Road to Skye (in G) - was incorrectly linked to The Maid Behind The Bar reel!