The Best Of Ossian

By Ossian

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The Best of Ossian

This is the best album of the band which some people call “Scottish Planxty.” I just bought it to sample the band’s recordings but found not only the band but this compilation itself is great. I’m a kind of person who often skip the song tracks of recordings but I can’t do with this one. Of course, instrumental tracks are also great.

In most of the cases with this kind of album the sleeve notes are omitted, but we can read quite detailed accounts of the tunes and songs with this recording.

Well, I must start collecting some of their earlier recordings.

The Best of Ossian

I have a version with Track 1 - Tae The Beggin‘, and track 14 Aye Waulkin-O. all the other tracks are the same. i.e. 2 is ’St.Kilda’s Wedding, etc.