Light On A Distant Shore

By Ossian

  1. Johnny Todd
    Far From Home
  2. It Was All For Our Rightful King
    Le Chanson Des Livres
    The Sun Shines Bright In France
  3. Mrs Stewart Of Grantully
    Be Sud An ’Gille Truagh
    Calum Johnston’s
    Harris Dance
  4. Jamie Raeburn
    The Broomielaw
  5. Arrival
    New York Harbour
    At Work On The Land
    In The New World

Eleven comments

The tracks are quite long, actually and it’s a sort of concept album. Track 5 is titled “Light on a distant shore” but I’ve just listed the individual tunes.


La Chanson des Livrées is a more adequate heading for the Fench title here (‘Livre’ is a typo, here) It is a song that comes from the Berry region in France and is mentioned in Georges Sand’s La Mare au Diable as part of a wedding ritual she describes.

The melody to Johnny Todd is not that of Far From Home (as indicated here in the links), at least not on this album.
it is sung to the following lyrics, which are not always connected to the same tune:

Light On A Distant Shore by Ossian

You are wrong birlibirdie. The first track is listed correctly here. And the album is currently only £3.45 as a download from 🙂 🙂 🙂

The first track is the song “Johnny Todd”, followed by the reel “Far From Home”. That’s all.

Light On A Distant Shore by Ossian

Trouble with the download there are no sleeve notes. Is that Iain MacDonald on flute on Far From Home ?

Yes it is.

Thanks Kenny. My confusion was that to my ear the ong tune includes one the main ‘hooks’ of Far From Home, appearing at the same points, so I assumed that it was a variant of that. Elsewhere I only recall Johnny Todd to another tune.

My searches into the database are rarely more successful than finding that flute solo.

Ossian had a lot of Mettle!

Never did Billy Ross, Billy Jackson, John Martin, or George Jackson look so serious about their music. Clearly this was before Martin lost his hair - or maybe it’s a !wig!