Dove Across The Water

By Ossian

  1. Duncan Johnstone
    The Duck
    The Curlew
  2. Braw Sailin’ On The Sea
  3. Drunk At Night, Dry In The Morning
  4. Will Ye Go To Flanders?
    Lord Lovat’s Lament
  5. Tae’ The Beggin’
    The Periwig
  6. Mile Marbhaisg
  7. Iona Theme
    The Cunning Workmen
    Iona Theme

Four comments

Track 4 air

The pipe air in the middle of the song is "Lord Lovat’s Lament" which is transcribed on this site.

I’ve always thought it sounded unspeakably sombre, and now i understand why. The tune ‘Lord Lovat’s (1667-1747) Lament’ was composed by his loyal piper, David Fraser (1716-1812). Lovat was defeated at Culloden and convicted of treason against the British and was beheaded, on Tower Hill, the last person to be so in Britain. There is another discussion thread on the subject too.