By Ossian

  1. Troy’s Wedding
    Biddy From Sligo
  2. Rory Dall’s Sister’s Lament
  3. Chairlie, Oh, Chairlie
  4. I Will Set My Ship In Order
  5. John MacDonald’s
    The Sandpit
  6. Bide Ye Yet
  7. ‘Neath The Gloamin’ Star At E’en
  8. The New House In St Peter’s
    The Ewe Wi’ The Crookit Horn
    Willie Murray’s

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Another blank…

One of their best albums, with Tony Cuffe [ RIP ] in great form. The pipe tunes are outstanding, especially the opening set.

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Track 3, on “Youtube”…

Posted in memory of both Tony Cuffe [ singing ], and George Jackson [ whistle ], two good guys, and great musicians no longer with us.

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Re: Borders

I really their version of the Ewe Wi’ Da Crookit Horn. I particularly like the C-part and D-part, which I haven’t heard on other versions.