Rain, Hail Or Shine

By Battlefield Band

Added by jdave .

  1. Bodachan A Gharaidh
    General MacDonald
    Craig An Fhithich
  2. Heave Ya Ho
  3. Margaret Ann
    Manor Park
    Trip To The Bronx
  4. Jenny O’ The Braes
  5. Magheracloone
    Norland Wind
    Royal Scottish Pipers Society
    Gardez Loo
    PM Donald MacLean
  6. The Beaches Of St. Valery
  7. Wee Michael’s March
    Oot B’est Da Vong
  8. The Lass O’ Glencoe
  9. The Canongate Twitch
    Steamboat To Detroit
    Twenty Pounds Of Gin
    Break Yer Bass Drone

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Rain Hail or Shine

Battlefield Band’s 1998 album on Temple Records. It also includes a CD-Rom Bonus for PC’s with videos, photos, interactive interviews, and extra music.

I checked this out at the library and unfortunately, someone absconded with the liner notes, so I know very little about the tunes on this CD. Standout track: #5, esp. “Magheracloone.” Lovely air played magically on the low whistle by Mike Katz--awesome! If anyone knows the background of the tune i.e. who, what, where is Maghercloone, it would be great.


Battlefield band recordings

Funny that you should submit this. I was thinking of submitting a few Battlefield Band recordings myself, after having put up all these Ossian albums. Probably still will but not today. 🙂

Battlefield Band recordings

Yes, please do submit more Battlefield’s! RH&S is the only one I have listened to. I was surprised to find only two of their recordings listed. After all, they’ve been going for 30+ years.

I noticed all the Ossians! LOL.


Battlefield Band Lineup

Since the Battlefield Band has shuffled around quite a bit I meant to give their lineup for this album, but I forgot. Alan Reid(keyboards), John McCusker(fiddle), Mike Katz(pipes, whistles), Davy Spillane(bouzouki, vocals).

Davy Steele

Davy Steele - not Davy Spillane.

Sorry, Kenny, you’re right. Davy Spillane is an uilleann piper; what was I thinking??


Well, three years late is better than never. Magheracloone was written by John McCusker for his mother who was born in the parish of Magheracloone in Co. Monaghan. It is also John playing the tune on the whistle and fiddle with Alan Reid on keyboard. According to the liner notes Mike is not playing that tune. Still this long since the album was listed you probably know that now. 🙂