Delighted With Harps

By Sileas

  1. The North Brig O’ Edinburgh
    The Brig O’ Perth
  2. Cadal Chan Fhaigh Mi
  3. Millbrae
    The Spey In Spate
  4. Eppie Morrie
  5. The Chanter’s Tune
    Marry Me Now
  6. Da Day Dawn
  7. The Little Cascade
  8. Tha Mulad
  9. S’Coltach Mi Ri Craobh Gun Duilleag
    Feadan Glab A’Phiobair
  10. John Anderson My Jo
  11. The Judge’s Dilemma
    The Inverness Gathering

One comment

"Delighted with Harps" by S

The first recording of Scottish harp duo, released in 1986. Patsy Seddon on gut-strung harp and vocals, and Mary MacMaster on metal-strung harp and vocals. It seems P. Seddon mainly plays the melody on gut-strung harp and M. MacMaster accompanies on metal-strung harp. Lots of nice tunes with very inventive arrangements.

I’m not so familiar with the repertoire of Scottish harpers, but it is a little bit surprising to me that they play lots of pipe tunes.