The Invasion

By Jerry O’Sullivan

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Re:The Invasion

Jerry O‘Sullivan on pipes. Its fun to compare Jerry’s playing with other recorded pipers. Good Stuff. As to Tunes: I think that Maurice Lennon compossed ’If Ever You Were Mine‘. The Tunes that start with ’The Conspiracy‘ and end with ’The Invasion’ are all composed by Joanie Madden.

Best piping!

Another of my favorite albums, and for me the best in uilleann pipes.

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This is the recording that propelled me into the wonderful world of Uilleann piping. I still get a thrill when I play it.

By the way, Robbie Hannan’s jigs are “Up and About In the Morning” and “The Girl From The Big House”.

T:Up and about in the Morning
D:Jerry O’Sullivan: The Invasion
Z:Bill Reeder
~A3 ~D3|ABG A2d|cAG EFG|A2D EFG|!
~A3 ~D3|ABG A2d|cAG EFG|FAD D3:||!
d2e f2a|g2e dBG|A2A EFG|FAD DFA|!
d2e f2a|g2e dBG|A2A EFG|FAD D3:||!
ded dcA|ded dcA|ABA AGE|ABA AB^c|!
d^cd fag|ege dBG|A2A EFG|FAD D3:||