To Welcome Paddy Home

By Boys Of The Lough

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What are the tunes on track 2?

……..5 years and not a single comment on this great CD! Anyone know what the tunes are on track 2?

To Welcome Paddy Home by Boys Of The Lough

There seems to be different track orders on the US and UK issues of this album (different covers too, if I remember correctly.

Track 2 on this listing is a song, called (on UK issue) “Welcoming Paddy Home”. On the UK issue track 2 is the Cape Breton Wedding Reels (track 6 in thesession listing).

The Cape Breton Wedding reels are a common Cape Breton set, also called “Old-Time Wedding Reels 1, 2and 3. No.1 is a variant of an old Scottish strathspey called ”John of Badenyon“ (see Skye collewction); No.2 is also known as ”Och a Chiallain“ and ”Hamish the Carpenter“; No.3 is also called ”Cuir sa Chiste Mhoir Mi“ (”Put Me In the Big Chest“) and is related to a William Marshall composition called”Miss Cruikshank’s Reel".

……….thanks again, Nigel

…’ve cleared that up nicely !

Re: To Welcome Paddy Home

The second item on track one - Donegal Highland which links to Old Wheel of Fortune - really doesn’t seem correct (at least the iTunes version as there seem to be different releases). I’d quite like to know what it is though…..

Re: To Welcome Paddy Home

I really enjoy this album, especially their version of Father oFlynn and their Eugene Stratton hornpipe set.