By WhirlyGig

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  1. The Congress
    Miss McLeod’s
    Tam Lin
    The Sally Gardens
  2. The Way Young Lovers Do
  3. The Butterfly
  4. Milk Kilkenny
  5. Gan Ainm
    The Connaughtman’s Rambles
    Munster Buttermilk
  6. The Foxhunter’s
    The Banshee
    The Foxhunter’s
  7. Raglan Road
  8. Gan Ainm
    Haste To The Wedding
    Gan Ainm
  9. Gan Ainm
    Gan Ainm
    Gan Ainm
  10. The Banks Of Red Roses

Two comments

Quite a popular band name…

Features Patrick Lawless (Guitar), Liam Donohoe (Vocals), Declan Quinn (Whistles), and Eugene Quinn (Banjo).

Tracks have creative titles s/a "The Energy Drink Set" and "The Night Rider Set" but many of the tunes are easily recognizable.

"Milk Kilkenny" has become quite a popular song in some parts, but I think the best part of the album is Eugene’s banjo playing.

Whirlygig — do they still exist?

I went to see one of their gigs in Vicar St - years and years ago. I loved them, and bought the album that night. I still listen to it to this day. I’m just wondering if the lads are still playing, and if there are any more albums or anywhere you can download it.