The Funny Reel

By Joe Burke, Andy McGann, Felix Dolan

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  1. Kerryman’s Daughter
    The Funny
    Castle Kelly’s
  2. Miss Walshe’s
    Lad O’Beirne’s
  3. Sault’s
    The Rights Of Man
  4. The Old Copperplate
    Dinny O’Brien’s
  5. The Derry
  6. Gallagher’s Frolics
    Paddy Killoran’s
  7. The Bonny Bunch Of Roses
  8. Father Tom Wager’s
    The Idle Road
  9. Andy McGann’s
    The Humours Of Scarrif
  10. Maude Millar
    The Irish American
  11. The Humours Of Bandon
    Planxty Browne
    The Orange Rogue
  12. The Aughamore
    The Dairy Maid
  13. Slieve Na mBan
    The Cuckoo’s Nest
  14. Lord McDonald’s
    The Ballinasloe Fair

Three comments

Re: The Funny Reel

I made a change to #10. It’s Morrison’s not Maude Miller. Hope that’s ok.

Re: The Funny Reel

I changed it back to Maude Miller, though it is listed as Morrison’s. Let the sleeping dogs lie.