The Banks Of The Shannon

By Paddy O’Brien, Seamus Connolly And Charlie Lennon

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  1. Mayor Harrison’s Fedora
    Johnny Cronin’s
  2. Jennifer Molloy’s
    The Killaloe Boat
    Galloping O’Hogan
  3. Spike Island Lassies
    Dowd’s Favourite
  4. Arra Mountains
    Father Burke’s
  5. Rambling Rake
  6. The Mason’s Apron
  7. O’Kelly’s Fancy
    The Cuckoo
  8. The Rainy Day
    Captain Kelly
  9. Rigney’s
    Ambrose Moloney’s
  10. Lark On The Strand
    The Pipe On The Hob
  11. I’m Waiting For You
    The Magpie’s Nest
    The Thirteen Arches
    The Sailor’s Cravat
  12. Munster Grass
    The Banks Of The Shannon
  13. The Yellow Tinker
    The Sally Gardens
  14. Quinn Of Armagh
    The Bantry
  15. Youghal Quay
    The Rambling Sailor

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The Banks of the Shannon

One of the most influential recordings in Irish music from the great innovator on the accordion Paddy O’Brien, and master fiddler Seamus Connolly

A funny thing about this album:
Half of it is a reissue of an LP produced in 1973.
The solo fiddle tracks were recorded in 1990.
The accordian/ piano duets,though…
The accordian was recorded in 1954, and the piano overdubbed in 1990!
The thing is, Chas Lennon did such a good job it almost sounds like they recorded it together.
Despite the strange assemblage of parts, the album as a whole is really great.

A minor correction to the above.

The album consists of three Paddy O‘Brien 78s recorded for the Columbia label in 1954 and released in 1955, the CCÉ album ’Banks of the Shannon‘ LP (CCÉ CL 6 recorded by Paddy and Séamus in 1973) and one unaccompanied track. ’The Rambling Rake’, recorded in 1990.

Charlie Lennon was, apparently, a very reluctant over-dubber.

For those confused by the two Paddy O’Briens, this is the Tipperary one.

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Banks Of The Shannon

A copy of the original EP sold on eBay UK the other day for £26.59. Phew! Luckily you can hear the CD here for free: More cuts of Paddy R’IP at the Archive too, look around. He was first and foremost on that B/C box! Criminal that you can’t buy 2 CDs of him, or 3, or 4…

Even the CD of this record costs $50 and up used.

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Re: The Banks Of The Shannon

I wish there were an easy way to download the streaming from that link…

Re: The Banks Of The Shannon

@Kevin, that Comhaltas link only gives you samples of each track, not the whole album.

Re: The Banks Of The Shannon

This classic recording has been re-mastered and is available from Custy’s in Ennis for 15 euros [ +P&P ].