Home Is Where The Van Is

By Battlefield Band

  1. Major Malley’s
    Malcolm Currie
  2. Bonny Barbry-O
  3. Look Across The Water
    Mrs Garden Of Troup
    The Keelman Ower Land
  4. Braw Lads O’ Gala Water
  5. Up And Waur Them A’, Willie
  6. Joseph MacDonald’s
    The Snuff Wife
    The Thief Of Lochaber
  7. Cockle Geordie
    Miss Graham
    Miss Thompson
  8. The Boar And The Fox
  9. Blackhall Rocks
  10. The Lads O’ The Fair
  11. The Cowal Gathering
    The Iron Man
    Dancing Feet
    Dick Gossip’s
  12. Mary Cassidy

Three comments

Favourite BB recording

This was probably my favourite BB recording of all. line up then included Brian Mcneill, Allan Reid, Ged Foley, and Duncan McGillivary.

“The Keelman ower the Land”- on “Home Is Where The Van Is”

Has to be one of the loveliest Northumbrian tunes, treated marvellously on this album by Ged Foley and the band, who’ve added a fourth part to the original 3-part tune to great advantage. Northumbrian music’s a very mixed bag - diverse influences, a lot of also-rans and curiosities, but every so often among old tunes and new ones something of extraordinary beauty turns up. Kathryn Tickell’s contributed here. I think the “Keelman” is in the second Northumbrian Pipers’ Society tune book, but am not sure.