Along Blackwater’s Banks

By Sliabh Notes

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Along Blackwater’s Banks is probably the CD I play most often at the moment. It is certainly the album I’d recommend to someone who wanted to get into Irish music. Everything is there except slip jigs. The 13 tracks can be broken down as follows: polkas (2 sets); slides (2 sets); hornpipes (1 set); reels (3 sets); jigs (1 set); slow air x 1; songs x 3. The pace of the album is unhurried. Another reason I’d recommend the album is that Sliabh Notes really do live up to the pun in that their sleeve notes give detailed references to the sources of the tunes. For example, from the notes I know the birth and death dates of Julia Clifford, Padraig O’Keeffe, Martin Mulvihill. I also know that the polkas in Track 1 were published in the First Collection of Irish Music by Martin Mulvihill. Very useful to someone who’s more interested in the music than just passive listening. Sliabh Notes are Matt Cranitch (fiddle), Donal Murphy (accordion), Tommy Sullivan (vocals & guitar). In this album they are supported by those up-and-coming amateurs Matt Molloy, Kevin Burke and Steve Cooney as well as Brian McGrath, Colm Murphy and Liam O’Maonlai.

“Art O‘Keefe’s” in #2 is almost certainly mis-linked, it should be directed to the slide “Art O’Keefe’s” which is also know as “Teahan’s Favorite.”

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If that’s the case - and here I’m taking your word for it, - it would be more helpful to create the link yourself and post it here in the comments:

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Grey Flannel Line

Although it’s a song (so who here cares about the title) Track 12 is really the Grey Funnel Line.

It’s not about the advertising business.

Track 5 jig number 1

This jig is not any “Donal de Barra’s” that I can find. has it as Seamus Cooley’s ( I’m not sure. . .

Track 5 jig number 3

Listed on the album as “The Christening”, this is NOT the reel that’s currently linked in the tracklist. Does anyone know what jig is being played third in this set?