The Gab O Mey

By Old Blind Dogs

  1. Monymusk Lads
  2. A Wild Rumpus
    Roddy McDonald’s Fancy
    Willie Murray’s
  3. Bogie’s Bonny Belle
  4. The Whistler
  5. The Wisest Fool
  6. Archie Beag
  7. The Breton & Galician Set
  8. Lads O The Fair
  9. Morag Haig-Thomas
  10. Rolling Home

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Old Blind Dogs - The Gab o Mey

Excellent Album

Archie beag

on the track “archie beag” it starts in march time then converts to jib time, but what’s the second jig in the set?


and the track “lochanside” starts with a whstled tune - anyone know what it is?

Archie Beag

The second jig is Peter MacKinnon of Skeabost.


The first tune on track #9 is Morag Haig-Thomas, composed by Donald Riddell, I think.

Of all the OBD albums, this is probably my least favorite. Very mediocre. The one and only song that grabbed me was Lads of the Fair. The rest? Meh…

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bsumner - “Peter McKinnon Of Skeabost” is a reel not a jig.