Set You Free

By Nomos

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  1. The Scalloway Lasses
    Bonnie Anne
    Scotch Mary
  2. Set You Free
  3. Down The Lane
    Betty Gluaistean
  4. When You And I Were True
  5. Big John’s
    The Constitution
  6. Boys Of Tandernagee
    Rory Gallagher’s
    Lexie McAskill’s
    Conway’s Farewell
  7. Poor Weary Wanderer
  8. Jackson’s
    Brendan Ring’s
  9. Bean Dubh A Ghleanna
  10. Da Tushkar
    New Mown Meadow
    Time To Go
  11. I Love The Trees
  12. Suile Shuibhne

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Set You Free

Nomos’ second and last recording. I have mixed feelings about this one. Some of the sets are great: #3, 5, 10 especially. However, I can’t get past the title cut which complete with snare drums and electric guitar! Also, Bean Dubh a Ghleanna sounds more like Gaelic rap than a traditional song. Still, if you want to hear a *blazing* concertina or fiddle, Niall Vallely and Vince Milne are the ones! Brilliant playing by both of them, though I would’ve liked to hear more of Vince. I feel like he was overshadowed by the concertina.


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…which *is* complete…


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Re: Set You Free

1997 release.

Gerry McKee - bouzouki, keyboard
Vince Milne - fiddle
John Spillane - vocals, guitar, bass
Frank Torpey - bodhrán
Niall Vallely - concertina, keyboard


Declan Sinnott - electric guitar
Caaoimhín Vallely - keyboard
Gerry Callory - drums

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