With Complements

By Patsy Reid

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Patsy Reid: With Complements

This is a stunning debut album of a young Scottish fiddler. I need to say it’s as great as “The Tap Room Trio,” Mick O‘Brien and Kevin O’Reilly’s “Kitty Lie Over,” and Angelina Carberry and Martin Quinn’s duet recording, which were all released last year. If Earle Hitcher was listening to Scottish music too, he would have definitely added it to the top 10 albums of the year.

I find Patsy’s fiddle playing is very very mature, a little bit old-fashioned, and sometimes energetic. On some tracks (including the very first one!) she plays very sad slow airs without any pretension. And on others, she records very lively sets of strathspeys and reels. On track 10, she plays a set of Irish reels with a harper, which is just awesome. With only that track, this album is worth buying. Great playing and great complements!

All the guest musicians are all her real friends:
Harvey Beaton- Piano
Declan Hegarty- Irish Harp
Keith Morrison- Piano
Gill Simpson- Piano
Alasdair White- Bouzouki and Mandolin

See her biography at: http://www.patsyreid.com/

an amazing album!

Wish I’d seen that before I put up Midnight Cruise to Inverie…