Makin’ The Rounds

By Billy McComiskey

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When Planxty Davis was just posted for tunes, I could hear Donny Golden dancing to it (as he does on this recording), but I was amazed to find this CD wasn’t listed. Anywho, this recording was released in 1981 by Green Linnet and to my knowledge is considered somewhat of a classic. Billy is joined by Sean McGlynn (box), Pat Keogh (fiddle), Andy O’Brien (guitar), and Donny Golden (dancing). This is just one of those great recordings, one that I think everyone should own.



I agree, Connaughtman. I see that not that many of the tunes on this recording are listed in the database. I loaned this recording to a friend a few years ago, and he kindly copied out the “dots” to many of the tunes.If I can find them, I’ll post some of them over the next few weeks.

Sault’s own

a typo in the track listing - should be “Sault’s Own.”