The Corner House

By The Irish Tradition (Brendan Mulvihill, Billy McComiskey & Andy O’Brien)

Two comments

Again, one of those recordings I was surprised to not find listed already. Another one of those classics, or at least it is around Baltimore/DC where this group was originally based (most of them still live in the area). The group consisted of Brendan Mulvihill (fiddle), Billy McComiskey (accordian,concertina, harmonium), and Andy O’Brien (vocals, guitar). They are also joined by Mick Moloney (harmony vocals,bouzouki,mandolin, tenor banjo, mandola). All fine musicians in their own right and even better together. This CD was originally released in 1978 by Green Linnet and I would guess that you can still get it from them if you don’t already own it. Definitely worth having.


3 years later…

As Jason G was, I am also surprised not to see more comments and references made to this great recording. Its af ine trad album with a tasty menu of tunes and excellent playing.
If you’re into collecting Irish trad, this is a must.
Not re-published unfortunately.
It can be found on the web.