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Does anyone have any details on this CD?

Michael Flatley

I found it for sale at a stand at the Irish Fair in Santa Barbara a few years ago. They wanted $25 for it! I thought it was a bit much, when I could get any other great player for $15, so I passed on buying it. After hearing him play on “Feet of Fire”, I wish I had bought it! He’s pretty good. I also met his flute teacher, Kevin Henry at the 1999 Willie Clancy Fest.. Lovely man!


I hadn’t reliesed that he had released a cd of his flute music, I thought it might be a different Micheal Flatley.


This was recorded in 1981, I think on a private label, and then re-released after the success of “Riverdance”. I don’t like the slow-air playing much, nor his version of “The Drunken/Tipsy Sailor”, but he’s a hard man to beat on the jigs and reels. Very reminiscent of Seamus Tansey’s playing, which isn’t surprising since he apparently learned much of his music on trips to Sligo, and was taught by the great Kevin Henry. Apparently he’s due to release a double flute CD later this year - one traditional, and the other “modern”. Should be interesting.

The album

is it on itunes


.. although quite a few of the tunes on the first recording re-appear on the double album.