By Kevin Macleod And Alec Finn

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  1. Dorothy Leurs
    Hitler’s Downfall
    Ness Bothan
  2. St. Joseph’s
    MacKay From Skye
    Miss Shepherd
    The Left Handed Fiddler
  3. Oh! But Will You Come To Town
    The Battle Of The Somme
    The Grinder
  4. Glen Fincastle Barn Dance
    Cullinghood Stables
    Sandy Bell’s
  5. Waltz From Orsa
  6. Hapa Haole Hula Girl
  7. Falls Of Glomach
  8. Freudentanz
  9. The Lintie
    Jack Adrift
    Pipe Major George Allan
  10. The Smith’s A Gallant Fireman
    Tilig An Cuideal
    Cutty’s Wedding
    Danns An T-sabhail
    Sabhail Ian Ic Uisdean
  11. Cock Of The North
    The Auld Pipe
  12. Lochanside
    Loch Maree
    Heroes Of Vittoria
    Heroes Of St Valery
  13. Polka Town
    Farewell To Eddy Street
  14. Dance From Marmaros
  15. Morten Larsen
    Vals Efter Per Rost
  16. Alistair McCallum Of Cairndow

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