Judique On The Floor

By Buddy MacMaster

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  1. Golden Rod
    The New Stove
  2. Da Slockit Light
    Glen Caladh Castle
    The Lasses Of Stewarton
  3. Memories Of Paddy LeBlanc
    Lord Alexander Gordon
    The Marquis Of Huntly
    Haud Er Guan
  4. Kenloch
    The Strathlorne
    Spin N’ Glow
  5. King George The Fourth
    Old King George
    Old King’s
    Old Tradition
  6. Oban And Lorn Society
    The Devil In The Kitchen (Strathspey)
    Miss Drummond Of Perth
    MacKinnon’s Rant
    Hamish The Carpenter
  7. Don’t Be Teasing
    Richard Brennan’s
    Bonny Lea Rig
  8. P.M. Jim Christie Of Wick
    Miss Catrina Gillis
    Coire An Lochan
    Andy Renwick’s Ferret
  9. Jackson’s Trip To Augrim
    Tripping Up The Stairs
    The Tar Road To Sligo
    Swinging On Home
  10. R.P. Cummings
    Christie Campbell
    Anthony Murray
    The Straw Man
    Arrochar Bridge
    The MacKintosh Of MacKintosh

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"Buddy MacMaster"

One of Cape Breton’s finest, and a joy to dance to. Under his spell you can’t help but dance…

"Buddy MacMaster, renowned Cape Breton Violinist: Judique on the Floor"

A project of Sea-Cape Music Ltd.,
Sydney, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Buddy MacMaster - violin
John Morris Rankin - piano

Recorded at Inception Sound, Downsview, Ontario, April, 1989
Producer: Alister MacGillivray
Engineer: Chad Irschick
Liner Notes: Beverly MacGillivray
Photographer: Brenda Tharp

"Buddy MacMaster: Judique on the Floor"

Sea-Cape Music Ltd. ~ ACD-9020