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  • Re: The Key

    I recognize that "unknown" on track 7 but don't know if it has a name. On the TMSA Young Trad Tour 2015 cd, they sing "Thoir a-Nall Thugam Ailean" to this, rather than the standard tune one would normally associate with it.

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  • Re: Up And Coming - Ó Ghlúin Go Glúin

    No comments in 12 years, but I have to share this. I got this CD through eBay a few days ago, and was driving in to Aberdeen for a dentist appointment, when I had to stop at traffic lights. I'd been listening to this CD, and stopped it to avoid distractio...

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  • Re: The Strathspey King

    I'm impressed by the quality of this! I'd say some of the tracks actually sound better than the Cameron Men or Cornkisters recordings from the 1930s. My favorite tunes on it are the Ten-Pound Fiddle and The Miller o' Hirn (track 2 version).

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  • Re: The Tap Room Trio

    Tracks now on "Youtube" : this should take you to the whole "Mix" playlist via the sidebar on the right of the screen :

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  • Re: The Titan (Traditional Music from Around the World)

    There is/was a book published by Mel Bay with most of these tunes written out...

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