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  • bogman

    Hello 🙂)

  • ceolachan

    MK Whistles - Sadly, having previously sang their praises here as well as making purchases for others, I can no longer recommend these whistles or their maker. The most recent two MK whistles I received were sub-standard, had obvious manufacturing defect...

  • Nigel Gatherer

    I'm Nigel Gatherer of Perthshire, Scotland. I teach traditional music in various projects around Scotland, including Glasgow Fiddle Workshop, The Scots Music Group in Edinburgh, and the Lanarkshire Guitar and Mandolin Association. My main interests are Sc...

  • L'mich

    hello I am Michel and I am Living in brittany .

  • Sliabh

    Originally from upstate New York and, after a handful of years in Brooklyn, moved to northern Alabama. A silver/Boehm flute player for several years with an early-music and experimental bent, in 2013 I started scratching an Irish-music itch I'd had for a ...

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