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  • cailinrua1

    I'm a PhD Researcher in songs and ballads at NUI Galway. Passionate about music, song, dance, and the GAA.

  • Finbarr_Dolan

    Hi, I play the flute and whistle. I live in Maidenhead and am originally from East Galway. I have been running a session every Sunday evening since June 2013 at the Corner House (formally Noctor's), 43 Queen Street

  • Enob

    Derek - living in Andover in Hampshire. Tenor Banjo, Tenor Guitar & Mandolin, mainly in sessions, and with a local group of musicians for occasional gigs. I try to get to several festivals each year, and also like to look up sessions further afield when I...

  • Ah, Surely!

    I am a German living in Galway. I play flute, whistle and bodhrán and like to sing a song or two.

  • fromseier

    Jonas Fromseier Mortensen

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