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  • maracirac

    I am Marin Alunić, 54 years old, live in Split, Croatia, Europe and I play flute. My main interest northern flute style and music of north ( Sligo, Leitrim, Donegal...).

  • Bannerman

    Have been playing fiddle off and on over the years. Started in late fifties as a child with 9 months or so of lessons (only formal training!). Family moved from County Leitrim to Britain in 1957. Usual mis-spent youth (tinkered with tenor sax, bass guit...

  • gortna

    From Leitrim in Ireland. Play the concert flute and other instruments also.

  • Highly Strung!!



    The Bio: of - Jim McAuley Fiddler _ Larne Co. Antrim .

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