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  • Re: Fiddler’s Dream

    This session is currently on hiatus.

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  • Re: Oak Tree Tavern

    Hey, I'm pretty new to the Calgary area and am really interested in connecting with the music scene here. Is this session still going on and are there any other sessions around town?

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  • Re: Cloud And Kelly’s

    Google maps says it's permanently closed, and I sent an email to them to confirm. They are, indeed, closed, but looking for another place to re-open.

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  • Re: First And Last

    Agreed Nice open warm session all welcome on from 9.30pm till late

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  • Modern Life Deli

    Open session in downtown Pittsboro third Sunday of the month, 4:00-7:30 pm. Brand new session so will likely have a broad range of skill level. While the focus is on Irish trad there may be some tunes from Cape Breton, Scotland and some French Canadian tu...

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