La Cervesera Artesana

Sant Agust, Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

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Barcelona Session

This is a really nice session for all levels of players. The regulars (I myself being a quasi-regular) are really friendly and welcoming for beginnners and experts alike. On a given night, the session can have between four and fourteen people, but beware of multiple bodhran players!

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Oh yeah, the session starts at ten but has to finish at midnight sharp because of the neighbors.

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Music trip

Hi Alex,
might do a litte music trip to Barcelona this year. Want to see the city and play tunes. Do you have an idea for a cheap enough accommodation? Thanks and maybe until soon.



Went round to this session last night (27 November 2006) after a lengthy absence and was told that it no longer happens, due to problems with the authorities (sic). Still a decent place for some microbrewery fare, but a shame about the session.