Molly’s Pub

256 East Chestnut Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

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Celtic Session at Molly’s

This session occurs from 7 p.m. until 10:30ish on the 4TH Tuesday of every month. There are many solidly skilled players at the session, but all skill levels are welcome. Some instruments played there are concertina, mandolin, tenor banjo, guitar, fiddle, whistles/flute, and uillean pipes. We would be delighted for you to join us. Please call me (Stephen Diehl) at (717) 471-3041 for more info or comments.

Tunes played at Molly’s

All songs are welcome. We love new ones. Standards such as Kesh Jig, Lilting Banshee, Boys of Bluehill, Drowsy Maggie, Maid Behind the Bar, Star of the County Down, Hills of Connemara, Haste to the Wedding, Cooley’s, The Crested Hen, etc. etc are usually played sometime during the evening.

Still Happening

This session at Molly’s is still happening with a small but dedicated group of nice folks playing guitar, whistles, flutes, box and the occasional fiddle. Free pints, friendly staff and some people that listen! Come join us.
More information on sessions in Central Pa is on the Penncelts group on YAHOO.

New YAHOO group

If you’re on YAHOO, check out the centralPAceltic group for a complete calendar of seisiuns and events in Central Pa.

Is this still happening?


I am interested in the session at Molly’s Irish Pub. I am learning to play the Scottish smallpipes. I played the Highland pipes approximately 15 yrs ago. I am still learning music for the smallpipes but have been encouraged to also find a session to join.

I sent an email to the one listed but it bounced. I called the number provided and it is for the pub itself. The guy I spoke to said the session is on Tuesday but could not remember which Tuesday. Is it still the 4th Tuesday? He also said he thought that people meet at 6pm.

Thanks for any information you can give me.

Christopher Thompson

Re: Is this still Happening?

Yes. Its the 4th Tuesday of every month. Very friendly, suitable for beginners. Very non judge-mental. Lots of laughter.

Molly’s Pub

+ this is still a lively session with mostly intermediate players who all welcome other players at their own level
+ the venue is a small space but we have had 15 players
+ it’s not advertised by the pub well, but the word gets around
generally playing time 7 - 10 pm

Session Deleted

This session has moved to TellUs 360 (24 East King St. Lancaster, PA) for the 4th Tuesday of the month 7-10pm. Open intermediate session, no amps, large space, great hosts, good folks to learn tunes, songs, and dancing is available. So, come on out to make some possible craic.

Re: Molly’s Pub Session RETURNS

Intermediate session every 3rd Tuesday 7-10pm at 256 East Chestnut St. Lancaster, PA. Welcoming
owner/staff with good foods.

Molly’s Pub

Intermediate session on 3rd Tuesday evening 7- 10 pm. Tunes, songs and dancing welcome to create some gran craic. This session has returned after a hiatus, and a temporary stay at TellUs 360. Playing at the front window to be seen/heard by passing potential patrons.

Re: Molly’s Pub

if you want to know if we are seasoning on that 3rd Tuesday of the month…contact E.Y.: 4frogpiper2@gmail or call 717.275.5565

Re: Molly’s Pub

Closed, according to Google (17/08/2022).

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