The Erbse

Calvinstrasse 20, Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

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Erbse Session

Hi - Sorry about describing the area as Hamburg; the website wouldn’t let me add Schleswig-Holstein as a new area!!

This is a pleasant session to attend. A steady pace is maintained, with a wide selection of tunes. All the regulars are pretty fanatical about Irish music, which is very nice to see!

The nearest bus stop is the IKEA bus stop, just walk round the back of the housing estate across the road and the pub’s hidden over there somewhere…

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Session in the Erbse, Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

The Erbse Session is on every thursday from say 9:00 pm.
I can’t go there very often because of my tiring job and my absorbing little family (Sean Kerry is 4 and wants his dad).
The place is terribly smoky. Thank god, at least Andreas quitted smoking, but others are real nicotin junkies.
(If this was only Ireland …).
The session as such can be very nice. Ruth and Inken on flutes, Verena on fiddle, Ole plays box (young and highly talented), Andreas - a devil on tenor banjo .. to name only a few. Occasionally a VIP from Hamburg appears, but you never know.
Come and see it yourself! Best wishes from Bernd

Re: The Erbse

Hi - Can anyone tell if this session is still on? I might pass in Kiel later this year… Cheers

Re: The Erbse

Nothing about a session on the website.

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