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Monthly Concertina session

It may be your idea of hell, but we have a monthly concertina session - a mix of around a dozen anglo and english, the players being beginners to more advanced.
The tunes are very much Irish biased, but Northumbrian and good old-fashioned English tunes also feature.
Sundry concertina anoraks, experts and repairmen also attend so this is the place to pick their brains.
The date is usually the third Tuesday 8pm-11.30pm and details are posted on beforehand.

The view is superb over the valleys, the beer is first-class, guest beer(s) always on and the home-made pies are the attraction (some 30 odd different ones). Don’t all rush at once for food, the kitchen is being rebuilt during Spring 2005. In the interim, the concertinists do eat elsewhere beforehand.

The first Sunday is folk-club night.

The pub also continues the Sheffield tradition of singing local carols during the month of December.

But what’s the dungworth?


You will all be pleased to know the kitchen is now kitted out and food is now available.
It was intended to be alternating English and Anglos,
fortnightly, but the Anglo players read dots and play English faster than the practised English players so the English players seem to have wimped out - so it is "Anglos Rule" at the moment - 6 Anglos last night (a quiet night!! ha ha) + 2 English.
Still as much Irish played.

Get Your Dung Worth Here

Traditions are not just for Christmas - The Royal is a Traditional pub in ever increasing ways nowadays.

Concertina group is a moveable second Tuesday in the month. Enquire to get on email list for concertinas or singing.

Traditional Singing night is a moveable third Monday and is exactly what it says on the box - featuring local Traditional singers, with the occasional tune and clogging..

Jon Boden & Fay Hield have also started occasional guest nights at the Royal - see
for details (if you can’t already guess what sort of guests are featured).
You can also download Traditional "house music" from the site - get practising.