Waxy O’Connor’s

14-16 Rupert Street, Leicester Square, London, England

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Not a new session but I couldn’t find it listed

If you like your sessions lively and rowdy well this is one for you! It is led by some of the best trad players around - Sam Proctor on fiddle, Damien Mullane on box, Dan Griffin on Bodhran and Mike Lempelius on Bouzouki and Vocals. I try to get there as often as i can because it’s great craic and there are always lovely ladies in Waxy’s on a Sunday night, which is half the reason Conan McConnell turns up too!! So as not to sound sexist there’s always nice men too! Especially everyone who plays regularly, we are all handsome, friendly young men! All decent musicians are welcome here unless you ask to sing the Fields of Athenry or the Town I loved so well! Be warned, it is generally very fast and energetic, so if you like Donegal style sessions you’ll probably love this one!

Runs from 7.30-10.30 in the top bar and it is miked because it is a big loud pub!

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Great progress in London’s West End! I worked in an office in Shaftesbury Avenue many years ago and the nearest thing we could find to Ireland was a pint of Murphy’s in the local hostelries. If I was there now I’d be bringing in my fiddle for the evening sessions - keep up the good work Dave!

I agree

Everything Dave said is true - apart from one thing.
Dave, change "half the reason" to "the only reason" and it’s spot-on.

I suppose the reason why it isn’t listed is because it’s more of a gig than a session. Anyone can join in, but the space is limited, and the corner table is pretty much reserved for the regulars so bear this in mind when you’re coming along.

However, that said, it’s a magical session, even though to be honest I’m the only handsome, friendly young man worth talking about.

You Wish

If you were the only handsome young man worth talking about there Conan, you might be a bit luckier with the ladies!! You should have been there last night, it was a great session, particularly with regards the audience!!

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I take it….

….you still didn’t pull!

By the way…

… you’re right about the honest facts of the matter. The words "ladies", my name and "luck" are rarely used in the same sentence without the word "bad".

This I gotta see!

:) :) You funny Conan.

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Fair game

Touché on that one Conan! but we won’t even mention the great disappearing act of Conan the Magician!

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…or that of Dave le Taxi

I’m surprised though, Dave; that’s twice you’ve been caught out by that vanishing trick :)

Never Again!

It’s the last time that’ll happen. Next time u disappear I’ll take no responsibility for your instruments, phone or personal safety!

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great session!

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The Waxy’s session has fallen victim to the new music licensing laws and will not be happening until futher notice. The pub has had its music licence withdrawn. Hopefully they will get it back and the session will start up again….. will keep you all informed.

Session running again from 22.1.06

Waxy’s have had their music licence reinstated so the session has started again as of 22nd Jan. 7:30pm onwards.

is this session still happening? i’m going to be in london next sunday

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yes it’s still happening, going strong after six years now

fair play to Sam inviting me and what a reward, linking up again with Luke Daniels (box) after a quick 10 years or so, and his mate up from southhampton Sam Murphy (fiddle) _ what a pair of class players

joined by Paul (whistle) this was for me the best lilttle session in as long as i can remember _ Sam Proctor (fiddle) and one mic at the table with guests, you couldn’t ask for more …