M. Hughes

19/20 Chancery Street, Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

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Its just behind the four courts and five minute walk from cobblestones.
Friday nights have 2 sessions. one for the punters in the main part and one in the wee snug at the front. the one in the snug is really just for musicians but they dont mind anyone as long as there is no loud talking. Very pipes friendly in the snug. Fiddles in the lounge.

There are sessions there very night aren’t there?

On Tues, it’s Flute night , at the moment. But yes, very Pipe friendly indeed. They have set-dancing on Thurs….

I kicked off my holiday with this session back in February. I had been told by many musicians in Chicago that Hughes was the place to go for great music in Dublin. I had a great time.


I had the good fortune to play with the folks in the snug March 2007. Came with my flute, not knowing what to expect. I’d been there a few years prior with no instrument and learned a great deal listening. Players were really good, and they were very welcoming. It was a pleasure playing with the pipes. Great crack and a wonderful time. Thanks lads.

Also on Mondays in the snug

There’s also a very nice and welcoming session in the front snug on Monday nights.
Usual line up is bouzouki, pipes, fiddle, flute, banjo and whatever else drifts in.

Sounds like a great place…I’ll have to try to make a session or two with the pipes and whistles when I’m over there in November/December….

Where is it?

Can somebody post the address?


Google is giving it as
19/20 Chancery Street
DUBLIN 7, Co. Dublin City, Ireland

Is this the one?

Hughes - Oct 2010

Went to Ireland and Dublin in particular back in Oct 2010 for 3 nigyts. Monday night we went to Hughes. We had no instruments with us but the musicians there that night made us feel welcome. A female piper, a citern player, 2 wooden flutes, 2 bodhrans and for a short while, a fiddle player. The music was great, they didn’t mind me recording (yes I did ask) so that I could practice some new (to me) tunes. The Guinness wasn.t that bad either which was a bonus.
We are currently booking flights to go back in October 2011. .

anyone know what happens on Wednesday nights session wise?

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Wednesdays is Diversity Night in Hughes’ snug. A few regulars enhanced by a the ever-changing drive-byes means it can be C&W, folk, blues, contemporary, poetry … or even Richard Thompson songs … ! It’s a night for great music and great chat, but only between tracks …

schedule now?

is the schedule now any different from when this session was posted?

Hughes’ Pub (M Hughes)

Friendly and welcoming players’ and listeners’ session. New and joining in welcome. Folk, country, bluegrass, some traditional songs, blues. Wednesdays 9-12 in front snug

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Re: M. Hughes

Unfortunately Hughes pub closed down last following the death of its owner Michael Hughes in June 2019 . The longstanding and welcoming Tuesday evening session led by fiddler Pearl O’Shaughnessy was where I cut my teeth as a session player in the early 90s.