Duffy’s Tavern

337 Main St., Chico, California, USA

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Open session every Friday from 4 to 7 pm. This is more of a players session but welcome to
those who thirst for the love of the music. Bring your instument and join us.

Session on September 10th, 2004?

Hi PubScouts,

I’ll be visiting the area on Friday, September 10th, want to make sure there will be a session that day. The last time I made the drive to Chico for the session, you’d been pre-empted by a group I think of Italian accordionists… 🙂


Michael Eskin

First Friday of the month

First Friday of each month, according to the bartender in December 2016.

Re: Duffy’s Tavern

I haven’t stepped into the Tavern for a minute or two, more like 3+ years. Are the sessions weekly right now?

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Re: Duffy’s Tavern

All Fridays EXCEPT first Friday. Poster above got it wrong.

Still going for over 20 years!

Re: Duffy’s Tavern

Has Duffy’s Happy Hour Session resumed yet?

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