J. Gilligan’s

400 East Abram, Arlington, Texas, USA

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J. Gilligan’s

Every Tuesday from 7-10. Very friendly atmosphere and loads of fun!

J. GIlligans Session

Tuesday nights, 7:00 to 10:00

This is an open, free-style, high-energy session where tunes are played spontaneously.

Still going …

This session is still going strong.

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Good to see a session still in existence. Beginner friendly?

To answer my own question (just in case anyone else finds this and was wondering the same)… yes it is still active. Very beginner friendly as well. I showed up, played, had fun, and even got a chance to call the whole 10 tunes that I knew.

There is a wealth of knowledge available at this session with some incredible players that are very patient with the newer player like myself.

Still going …

In it’s 6th, year this session is still going - the only weekly open session in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas area. Yes, it is beginner friendly, but it is NOT a beginner session. Bob said it best 6 years ago: "This is an open, free-style, high-energy session where tunes are played spontaneously."

@Chris: Glad to know you felt welcome. You’ve come a long way in two years! A great addition to the session!

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Still Going

Session Still Going

Re: J. Gilligan’s

…and still going strong! Love seeing people coming to try it out and then sticking around for years and becoming friends. Go go, Gilligans! Missing YOU, though, Chris Hasty! Where’ve you got to?