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This is a wonderful session that is very open and welcoming to all levels. The start time is around 8:00pm-9:00pm ends around 11:00pm -11:30pm. Patrons can be very generous (free pints) and appreciative. Would love to have flute or whistle players. Please e-mail first if driving long distances.
Cead Mile Failte

Visiting Nov. 8

I used to play with some of the Dougal crowd way back when the session was at Norm’s in Taylors, and I just wanted to mention that I’m going to be in town on Nov. 8 and am looking forward to playing some tunes. — Bruce Baker

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hey i am studying in south carolina at the minute and if i can get to your session it would be great. i sing and play the whistle. i’ll try and get up some night, until then enjoy the pints and the music even more!


Please note that this sessions is still the same, although the pub is now known as Fitzpatricks

Session still on??

Hi all,

Would love to know if this session is still on? I have a few months left at USC and I would love to come check it out as much as possible before I graduate.

Re: Dougal MaGuire’s Irish Pub

Hi —

I’d be interested, too, in knowing if it’s still on.

Re: Dougal MaGuire’s Irish Pub

Interested as well

Re: Dougal MaGuire’s Irish Pub

Me too. Is it still in session? Thank you (10-16-17)

Re: Fitzpatrick’s

Presumed defunct.

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