Ciaran’s Bar

2 Francis Street, Ennis, Clare, Ireland

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Ciaran´s Bar, Ennis

Seanie, as you´re from Ennis, could you give a few more details about the sessions here ?
Ciaran´s is one of the most famous session pubs in Ennis, and some would say it´s the best.
I´ve played there a few times but don´t know it well enough to give any details of the sessions.
I seem to remember that there were sessions on several nights of the week, and that at one of them, Joan Hanrahan was a regular.

I found the atmosphere much more friendly than the other well known pub/restaurant with the stone-flagged floor (can´t remember the name!).
It would also be handy if you could include the telephone No. of the pub so that anyone passing through could ring and check if there was music on that night.
Thanks for posting it though, long overdue !

Ciaran´s Bar, Ennis

Just back from Ennis
Sessions 7 nights a week from May to October.
Wednesday and Sunday from November to April.
Tel. Nº: 065-6840180

Re: Ciaran’s Bar

Fridays at 9.30, according to pub’s Facebook page.

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