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New Session Jameson’s Pub Cologne

Start 8 p.m., weekly
good atmosphere in this pub. The session has quite a high level and I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners. It’s a good mixture with songs and different types of tunes and you will even find dancers now and again.

Vacation until september

Session will start again regulary in september. Until then musicians will only appear on request by other musicians🙂

Great Pub Session!

Really good players at a high level. I’m looking forward to taking part regualrly and learning a whole new repertoire.

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Forthnightly session

According to the latest information, its a forthnightly session. There’s a session next week (03.10.2005).

The way to the pub?

Hey guys! i come from Gummersbach, near cologne and i want to listen to your session (im a bloody beginner :D). But where is the Friesenstarasse?

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It’s near the Friesenplatz U-Bahn, easy to find.

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Start in 2006

Sessions begin in 2006 on the 16th of january and will then take place every fortnight.
CU there.

New session rhythm

Every fortnight beginning on the 6th of march.

I hope that nobody looked for a session last monday, as we had Rosenmontag, which is a very holy day in Cologne…

.. or Monday there either due to the very holy football playing on at least 20 TV screens….sigh..

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New session schedule

Today, 2nd October there is no session.

New schedule: every 2nd monday each month:
09.10., 13.11., 11.12, …


Session is dead!