Three comments

2nd Tues./mo, FootNiK Pub Session—Ebisu, Tokyo—est. June 2005

2nd Tuesdays of each month (i.e., 1x/mo.), from 8:00-11:00 p.m., at The FootNiK pub in Ebisu, Tokyo.
Coordinated by yours truly. Mostly a musicians’ session. Session experience -3 to 27+yrs..Repertoire mostly Irish, some Scottish-Cape Breton/American/Quebecois, a song now and then..
Serious Celtoid-players (and lovers) welcome. You may be invited to start a few tunes, sing a song or tell a story. Drop me a line, c/o & introduce yourself!
Instruments so far: fiddle, whistle, piano accordion, banjo-mandolin, bouzouki, cittern, guitar, Scottish highland & shuttle pipes—not all at once.. Hope & expect uilleann pipers, concertina & button boxers, fluters.. will join us!
No bodhrans so far—or, whooping & hollering, dancing on tables. And yet, a little dancing is fun—and may turn out to be, unavoidable..
Room acoustics are pristine. Session’s young, not that crowded.
Bilingual, international staff are supportive. The FootNiK pub itself—a down-home two-room sports bar usually filled with raving rabid fans watching football. However—2nd Tuesday eves of every month, the screens are OFF—Seisun night!
Monthly Celtic-folk music craic is totally appropriate—FootNiK owner Yuji Imai just returned this month, married to a woman from Scotland.
The pub subsidizes the session, free soft drinks for musicians; pints only 500 yen, US$4.50—half price—which makes us feel welcome, and helps in getting by in an ‘expensive’ city.
We set up in the inner, larger room, far corner, marked ‘Reserved.’
[I haven’t told the owner, but]..I secretly hope musicians take over the room eventually.., leaving room for just a few hard-core listeners/dancers around the edges.

If three formulas for success are location, location, location, Ebisu is prime—at the crossroads twixt ex-pat-rich areas of inner Tokyo accessible by Hibiya subway, and the more indigenous-J outer Tokyo, thanks to recently-completed JR-Rail lines by which even neighboring Yokohama, Saitama & Chiba regions are within direct or easy direct reach of Ebisu.
From JR-Ebisu station East Exit, it’s only 70m., a 1-2-minute walk to the FootNiK on Ebisu Dori-Ave., on ground floor. Walk in off the street, say hello, have a seat, a tune, a pint, a bite, a chat…
BTW, English-language used bookstore Good Day Books is just above FootNiK, same bldg.3F—great place to drop in first, before it closes & session starts..

Jim Ediger - coordinator
2nd Tues.FootNiK Session—Ebisu, Tokyo

Congrats on getting that started Jim. May it blossom & flourish.

FOOTNIK Session—Discontinued

FootNiK blossomed and flourished for a year and a half, but was replaced by DJ.

..This leaves several other sessions in Tokyo to choose from..
Please drop a line if in the area!