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Irish Session is on 1st Fridays of every month

Friday Nights
Folk music jam sessions of many flavors from 7 p.m. on. Free to anyone to sit in and play or listen. Call 206-547-2330 for details and performers.

1st Fri. Celtic with Kieran O’Mahony
2nd Fri. Bluegrass with Carl Chatski
3rd Fri. Old Timey with Mark Gapanov
4th Fri. Available for your music jam.

More details here:

Fremont (Seattle)

Thanks Dan, good addition. Btw, that should be the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. Fremont used to be an independent city before it was annexed to Seattle in 1891.

This session is dead as of 2007

Please remove this listing as it is no longer happening and the bookstore is closed.