Rhode Island Ceilidhe Club

50 America Street, Cranston, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

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Details…Slow Session… Monthly

This is a _monthly_ session right now. No word if that will change or not. Also, it’s a _Slow Session_, aimed at beginners, but open to all skill levels. Session lead by Tom Maguire who heads other sessions in RI and teaches bodhran and tin whistle at the Ceilidhe Club.

For the best up-to-date info on what week the session is being held, visit http://www.rhodeirish.net/news.htm

Personal impressions: Not bad. Quite good, in fact. It was the first session, so there wasn’t a lot of variety in instrument representation yet, but it was an excellent session just the same, and the club patrons were very supportive and appreciative of our efforts.

Most attendees appeared to be Tom’s whistle students, but there was a pipe player and a mandolin as well. We ran through a number of hornpipes and jigs, only did a few reels. There is great potential here, I’m thinking, and I’m looking forward to attending the future sessions. Great learning opportunity! (And a great opportunity to share for those who are more experienced.)


--John Teehan


Word gets around. A couple of fiddlers have shown up. Great potential.

New dates for 2006

New post-summer dates for this session have been released.

Sundays: September 24, October 22, November 19, December 17.
5:00 - 8:00 pm. Sandwiches & cash bar. Led by Tom Maquire.
Monthly. Beginner slow session. Open to all skill levels.

Still going?

I’m a long-time violinist, short-time fiddler, so this looks like a good place for me to get up to speed on reels and jigs. Is this session still going?

Rhode Island Ceildhe Club session

Does anyone know if this session is happening this Friday 1/6? We’ll be passing through Providence and would love to share some tunes.

Re: Rhode Island Ceilidhe Club

There will be a session on 1/6/2017, I just sent you a personal message, daddae.

Re: Rhode Island Ceilidhe Club

Thanks, Al. I got Armand’s message about it on the way to Logan to fly to Ireland. I was about to pass along the information here in the departure lounge, but you beat me to it.

Re: Rhode Island Ceilidhe Club

We had a grand time at this session a couple of weeks ago. Friendly, highly talented musicians and very welcoming folks at the Club. I do hope we can make it back some time. Thanks all and keep up the good tunes!