University Of Wisconsin Milwaukee-Union

2200 E. Kenwood Blvd., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

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TUNE SHARING Session —1st Saturday of every month 1-3pm

This session is for people looking to learn some new tunes, as well as some standard session tunes. This is a SLOW SESSION.

Please Note: Room Location CHANGES MONTHLY, so call ahead if you are thinking of attending, and they’d be happy to let you know which room in the UWM Union the session will be held in.

Tune Sharing 1-2pm
Slow Session 2-3pm

Run by the UWM Celtic music club.
Student friendly. All ages/abilities welcome.
Feel free to bring new tunes to share.

Dec. 3rd UWM GASTHAUS 1-3pm

Session and tune sharing are in the UWM Gasthaus on the bottom floor of the union on Dec. 3rd, 2005